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“Building Learning Power”Love Eduction


We believe, with the right support, all children can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Bright Sparks Tuition aims to complement the formal education system by providing a personalised, and high quality, learning experience to help children achieve academic and personal success.

Our tutors will directly tailor their teaching programme to meet each student’s needs; focusing on aspects of a subject which may be proving challenging, providing intense and focused revision sessions and reinforcing and embedding learning.

We understand that every child is unique and our tutors draw on a wide range of teaching approaches to engage, inspire and empower our learners.

At Bright Sparks Tuition, we also recognise the importance of building learning power, by not only instilling confidence and self-belief, provoking interest and curiosity, but by developing key skills which underpin success, both within and outside of the classroom, such as independence, critical thinking, resilience and resourcefulness.

We aim to maximise your child’s potential, build learning power and foster a love for lifelong learning.



Currently we offer:

tickEnglish  (age 7 – 18 years)

tickEnglish Literature (age 7 – 18 years)

tickMaths (age 7 – 16 years)

tickBusiness Studies (age 14 -18)

tickApplied Business (age 14 – 18)

tickComputing (age 11 – 18)


tick11+ Coaching

About Bright Sparks

“Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve”
Our courses are designed to help improve your child’s knowledge and understanding of core topics in key curriculum areas, whilst also developing skills such as analysis, interpretation and exploration; skill which are vital for examination success.

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Shustoke Church Christmas Tree Festival - Saturday 9th & 16th and Sunday 10th & 17th December (10am - 4pm.)

Paddington has arrived safely at Shustoke Church after a tiring journey and is eagerly awaiting visitors. Head over to platform 1 where you can pose for a selfie with Paddington under the Christmas tree.

Special thanks to Holly Amor (our SEND specialist) for her creative input.

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