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Who can have lessons?FAQ

Anyone aged between 7 and 18 years.

What subjects do you offer?

Currently, we specialise in teaching English and English Literature to A level and Maths to KS4.

At KS2 and 3 we provide support in the development of reading, writing, spelling, literacy, handwriting and maths and follow objectives from the National Curriculum.

We also offer preparation and revision for SATs and have tutors specially trained to deliver 11+ coaching.

We specialise in teaching English and English Literature to A Level and cover the following Exam boards at GCSE: AQA, OCR and Cambridge IGCSE and AQA at A Level.

We also have tutors specialising in delivering Business Studies, Applied Business and ICT at GCSE and A Level.

Can you work towards exams?

We can provide preparation and revision for all major exams including SATs, 11+, GCSEs, A Levels and Common Entrance Exams.

When should my child start preparation for the 11+ examination?

Years 3 and 4 are the ideal time to make sure you child has a secure foundation in both English and Maths. If your child is a high achiever, preparation should begin around a year before they are due to sit the test. If there are areas in the curriculum that require improvement, then we recommend that you start preparation at least two years before the examination. The Durham CEM test is challenging, and both time, and commitment, will increase the chances of success.

Can you help my child with SEN?

Our fully qualified, and experienced, teachers are trained to assist children with a range of special needs, including those who are gifted and talented. Our supportive environment where ‘every child matters’ will help to raise confidence and self-esteem, whilst equipping children with the skills to succeed back at school.

How do we start?

Initially a consultation will be carried out to determine your child’s current performance, particular needs and end goals. The tutor will then carry out an assessment to establish current performance levels and areas of strength and weakness. Following this they will devise a programme of study that is personalised and relevant to each individual student. Most consultations are conducted over the phone, although some are done in person.

Where are the sessions held?

The sessions are in a Whitacre Heath, Nether Whitacre or Coleshill.

Are the tutors qualified teachers? 

Yes. All tutors at Bright Sparks are fully qualified and highly skilled. All have taught, or currently teach in local schools, with many running outstanding departments within the local authority.  Some tutors are also examiners for their chosen subject, so can give a real insight into both the curriculum and the examination process.

Your child will have their own designated tutor who will quickly identify their learning needs, and preferred learning style, in order to implement a personalised programme of study.

Are tutors police checked?

Yes. All tutors have an enhanced CRB disclosure and are cleared to work with children.

How long to lessons last?

KS2 and 3 enhancement and booster classes last for one hour.

11+ tuition classes are either one or two hours.

GCSE / IGCSE and A2 Revision Courses vary from between one hour to three hours.

Private tuition lasts one hour.

How often should I have a lesson?

Most students have one session per week, whilst some choose to have more than one session. Some students are with us for a short period as they work towards a specific exam or learning goal. However, other students may be with us for a number of years as they work towards long term goals.

Do lessons continue during school holidays?

Currently lessons run mainly throughout term time and follow Warwickshire school calendar. However, we will endeavour to arrange lessons during holidays on request. We also run Easter revision courses and a Summer School during the summer holidays for KS2 students, and for those taking their 11+.

How much do lessons cost?

  • KS2 and KS3 cost £20 per 60 minute lesson
  • 11+ tuition for groups of 4 students maximum: £20 per hour or £35 for 2 hours, for groups of 10 students maximum: £10 per hour or £20 for 2 hours
  • GCSE tuition costs £25 per 60 minute lesson
  • A Level costs £35 per 60 minute lesson
  • Revision courses are charged at variable rates. Please see individual course dates for specific pricing.

How do I pay?

You can pay by internet bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Do I have to commit to a number of sessions?

The consultation and first teaching session can be taken without any further commitment. If you then decide to book a Bright Sparks course, we recommend that you pay for the sessions in half-termly blocks in order to secure your child’s place.

What if I miss a session?

Sessions that are missed are non-refundable. To maximise your child’s chance of success, regular attendance is important. However, if at least 24 hours notice is given, we will aim to offer you an alternative session.

Why do you tutor in groups and not just individually?

Some children find individual one-to-one tuition sessions daunting and a significant portion of the session can involve the tutor watching students complete activities. Running small group sessions allows students to learn in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Tutors are still able to deliver a personalised learning programme offering children individual and focused teaching time, but children are more likely to experience the deeper learning experiences that arise from collaboration.

How big are the groups?

We normally work with up to four children in a session at KS2 and KS3.

We can accommodate up to eight students for master revision classes at GCSE level.

We normally work with up to three students at A Level.

One-to-one tuition is also available on request. 

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