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Key Stage Two SATs Preparation The Key Stage Two National Curriculum Tests or SATs take place in May each year. …


    Key Stage Two SATs Preparation

    The Key Stage Two National Curriculum Tests or SATs take place in May each year. Our course, which takes into account the new national curriculum, will prepare students for the test by revising different topics and question types.

    The course will also help to develop study skills and examination techniques such as time management, knowledge of exam format and key assessment criteria, so that students enter the examinations feeling prepared and confident.

    All students will begin the course by completing an initial assessment to determine current attainment levels, strengths and areas for development. Following this, students will be given a personalised Education Action Plan to follow.

    The KS2 Maths test comprises two components, which will be represented to students as three separate papers.

    Paper 1:  Arithmetic   (40 marks)    30 minutes

    Paper 2: Mathematical fluency  (35 marks)  40 minutes

    Paper 3: Solving mathematical problems and mathematical reasoning (35 marks)  40 minutes

    The KS2 English test consists of one paper.

    Paper 1: English reading test (selection of texts 1500 – 2300)  (50 marks)  60 minutes

    The Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test comprises two separate papers.

    Paper 1: Grammar, punctuation  and vocabulary  (50 marks)  45 minutes

    Paper 2: Spelling (20 words)  (20marks)  15 minutes (not strictly timed)

    Our SATs course will cover:


    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    • Fractions, decimals and percentages
    • Ratio and proportion
    • Number and place value
    • Mental arithmetic
    • Shape, space and measure
    • Handling data
    • Problem solving techniques

    English (Reading Comprehension)

    • Retrieving and recording information
    • Summarising main ideas
    • Predicting meaning
    • Making comparisons
    • Making inferences and deductions
    • Identifying and explaining the use and effect of key words and phrases

    Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

    • Grammatical terms and word classes
    • Sentence types and functions
    • Phrases and clauses
    • Verb forms, tense and consistency
    • Punctuation
    • Vocabulary
    • Standard English and formality

    Your child will receive:

    • Weekly classes to secure and improve subject knowledge, understanding and key skills in order to maximise results
    • Revision of key topic areas and question types
    • Development of study skills and examination techniques
    • An initial assessment in English and Maths
    • A personalised Education Action Plan with clear individual targets
    • Expert tuition


    • Clear and focused teaching objectives aligned to the SATs
    • Structured  learning programme targeted to individual student’s needs
    • Expert teacher support
    • Increased confidence and motivation

    Number of students: 4 maximum

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