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Key Stage 2 Enhancement in English and Maths

Key Stage 2 Enhancement in English and Maths At key stage two we provide tuition in two core subjects: English …


    Key Stage 2 Enhancement in English and Maths

    At key stage two we provide tuition in two core subjects: English and Maths.

    This course is designed to consolidate key skills covered at key stage one, before progressing to a more challenging level of study, providing an excellent foundation for key stage three and the transfer to secondary education.

    English Topics covered:

    Reading (EN2)

    • Comprehension – ordering and matching information, comparing and contrasting texts, using quotations effectively, developing inference and deduction skills
    • Language – exploring the use and effect of language, analysing the effect of techniques such as similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification
    • Literature – understanding the presentation of narrative, themes and characters in novels and poetry

    Writing (EN3)

    • Composition – narrative and non-narrative writing
    • Literacy – spelling, punctuation and grammar

    Maths Topics Covered:

    Number (Ma2)

    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    • Fraction, decimals and percentages
    • Money
    • Negative number
    • Number patterns
    • Time

    Shape, space and measure (Ma3)

    • Area, perimeter and volume
    • 2D and 3D shapes
    • Imperial and metric units
    • Reflective and rotation symmetry
    • Shape

    Handling Data

    • Bar and line graphs
    • Frequency
    • Mode, median, mean and range
    • Probability

    You child will receive:

    • Weekly lessons in English and Maths to improve knowledge and understanding of key topic areas
    • Development of key skills such as interpretation, analysis, evaluation and exploration
    • Expert tuition


    • Clear and focused teaching objectives
    • Targeted learning programmes for each individual student
    • Expert teacher support
    • Increased confidence and motivation

    Class size: maximum 4 students

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    Our courses are designed to help improve your child’s knowledge and understanding of core topics in key curriculum areas, whilst also developing skills such as analysis, interpretation and exploration; skill which are vital for examination success.

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