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GCSE GCSE / IGCSE Preparation for mock and final examinations
LOCATION Various centres throughout Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Birmingham and Coventry
DURATION 5 hours
COST £75

Our one day master classes are offered at key points in the academic year. These classes will help students improve their knowledge and understanding of a subject and help fully prepare students for their examinations.

Why choose a One Day Bright Sparks Master Class?

• Increase subject knowledge, improve understanding and develop key examination skills

• Address ‘last minute’ uncertainties or areas of weakness

• Provide a focused and productive environment for revision

• Motivate and encourage students

• Increase confidence

• Develop skills to facilitate independent study, revision and research.

About Bright Sparks

“Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve”
Our courses are designed to help improve your child’s knowledge and understanding of core topics in key curriculum areas, whilst also developing skills such as analysis, interpretation and exploration; skill which are vital for examination success.

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Shustoke Church Christmas Tree Festival - Saturday 9th & 16th and Sunday 10th & 17th December (10am - 4pm.)

Paddington has arrived safely at Shustoke Church after a tiring journey and is eagerly awaiting visitors. Head over to platform 1 where you can pose for a selfie with Paddington under the Christmas tree.

Special thanks to Holly Amor (our SEND specialist) for her creative input.

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